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Are Indian Agencies Safe?

Is it safe to work with Indian Agencies?

Are Indian Agencies Safe?


India is a booming economy; it is bursting with technology and is one of the world’s best hubs for start-ups. With a massive 90 unicorns, India is the third-largest unicorn hub only behind the US at 487 and China at 301. It is ahead of the UK which has 39 unicorns or a billion dollar enterprise.

India has the third-largest start-up ecosystem in the world with a huge 60,000 start-ups thriving across the country. This re-assures the fact that Indians are good with technology. Most of these companies are pure service-based organisations that offer to work remotely for any part of the world.

These mostly comprise of software companies, marketing agencies, web development & design agencies. But is outsourcing your work from the USA, Europe or any other country to Indian companies a safe option?

Let’s understand the facts.


Trust is the most significant aspect of outsourcing your work to an agency across the globe. Is that agency trustworthy for your project? Are they a genuine company working in that domain?

The best way to find out is to check their website. A good professional website signifies they have put in the hard work to create a good website that broadcasts their key information to the world.

Furthermore, check if their website has all the vital information like their legal address, trade license details, real and valid phone numbers, an official email ID & even the links to their social media channels. This ensures they have nothing to hide.

You can trust them at the first level of contact.

Contact them

Once you find that the agency has all the vital information put up on various platforms, then you can move a step ahead and reach out to them. You can send out an email that requests for a call back.

If you want to be doubly sure, you can ask them to video call you. This ensures that you are talking to a real person and he has nothing to hide.

Technical Skillset

Once you have validated the agency, you will then have to check for their technical skillset as per your project. You can ask the agency to share their portfolio, project files or any other samples that are similar to your work. You can use any other way that makes you understand their skillset.


Always know that your agency is thousands of miles apart from your office. To ensure that everything goes as per your plan make sure to sign the correct paperwork. Quotations, bank details, NDAs, purchase orders, scope of project and more. This will clear any misunderstandings and reduce chances of errors in the long run.

Apart from this it is advisable to use a project management tool that gives you a project status report each day.


Currently there are thousands of companies that outsource their work to many Indian companies. These can be very high value complex jobs like software development or one-off design works like Brand identity or Website development.

The main advantage of working with some of the best digital agencies like ‘The Tiny Monkey’ is that they are highly skilled, passionate to work and very flexible in approach. Agencies like us that want to go global also have standard operating processes in place that ensure every task is executed precisely.

The teams are adaptive to different cultures and respect every community across the world.

Apart from that the most important benefit that you can derive by outsourcing your websites or branding requirements to agencies like ‘The Tiny Monkey’ is the cost of the project itself.

Due to the dollar or pound to INR difference you can significantly save on your project costs and yet get equally great results for your work.

After all, trusting any business comes out of experience and checking their vital signs. A business can be good or bad and it can be in your neighborhood or across any other country.

But if you go by the statistics, most of the agencies that are suitable to outsource your work in India are highly credible and you will get a great experience working with them.