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Logo Design Key Points

Things to consider when designing business logo?

Logo Design Key Points

If you are planning to launch a new business and thinking of getting your logo designed, you are at the right place.

A logo is the most important branding element for your business. It is the first thing that your customers notice about you. It helps them to recall your brand when they want to buy something that you sell.

No doubt a Logo is something you shouldn’t rush into and take your time in choosing only the best agency like ‘The Tiny Monkey’ in getting it done.

While you look for the ‘best logo designing agency in Pune, India’ to design your logo you must keep some key things in mind.

  • The Logo must be authentic and designed from scratch

A perfect logo can multiply your brand image significantly, similarly a poorly done duplicated logo can instantly harm your brand reputation. With such simple access to technology, bad designers and freelancers will usually copy someone else’s logo and modify it to present it as their own. However, not only is this illegal but also creates a very bad impression about your business.

Ensure that you approach and work only with well reputed ‘Brand identity agencies’ like ‘The Tiny Monkey’ which have a standard process in place for all their customers’ logo design requirements.

All the logos are created from scratch keeping your brand guidelines and brand perception in mind.

  • The logo is flexible and dynamic

Your logo is not used only on your stationary anymore. Your logo must be perfectly compatible with print as well as digital applications. A good logo can be used on various platforms like mobile applications, websites, business cards, brochures and more.

It should look equally good in smallest applications like a mobile icon as well as the largest sizes like huge hoardings.

  • A logo must use the right color scheme

A good design agency knows the value of correct colors in brand design. Colors play a significant role in establishing the right tone for your business. Your logo must use a perfect color combination that conveys your brand’s message subtly across to your target customers.

  • It should be timeless

No doubt trends come and go and your business will need to keep on adapting to them whenever required. However, your logo should be such that it easily adjusts to newer trends and yet keeps its original soul alive.

Good logos are the one’s that keep up with the trend without sacrificing their identity.

  • Don’t ignore the Fonts

A logo is not only the image or icon. It extends well beyond that into things like typography, layouts and more. The font that you select for your logo is usually defined by the type of business you are into.

They are mostly broadly classified into classic, traditional and modern. It should subconsciously reflect your brand’s personality.

  • A logo isn’t your business, it simply represents it

Many people when starting out feel that a logo must showcase their business activity as a condensed image. However, this shouldn’t be the case. A logo is a mere representation of your business, it isn’t the business!

For instance, a logistics business doesn’t always need to have a truck in its logo. Similar to how Apple, a technology company has an ‘Eaten Apple’ as its logo which is nothing technical at all. Yet so everyone on the planet associates it with the world’s best technology company subconsciously.

A logo creates a brand value on its own if it’s perfectly created.

  • Ensure your logo is a Vector file

Many a times, certain designers use cheap pirated software to create logo designs. They are not able to provide you with Vector files for the logo when required. Instead, they give out a poor Bitmap version.

However, a bitmap is not scalable and will pixelate when it is expanded beyond a particular size creating a bad impression.
Vector files can be virtually expanded to any size and still remain crisp.

  • A logo should be well balanced and aesthetically pleasing

A logo finds its roots into a well thought eye-catching mostly symmetrical layout. A good design agency will ensure that your logo is well balanced and aesthetically designed implementing popular design practices.


Things to consider when looking for a logo designer:

  1. Choose only a reliable logo design agency in the field
  2. Treat a logo as a long-term branding asset
  3. Check for authenticity & originality
  4. Choose the perfect colour harmony
  5. Obtain vector files of your logo design

We at ‘The Tiny Monkey‘ help businesses design bespoke and perfect business logos for their applications. Get in touch with us if you have a logo design requirement.