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Does my business require Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketin, The Tiny Monkey, Pune

We are living in the digital age. With advancing technology more and more businesses are now either completely going digital or making an effort to embrace digital technology in some form. Marketing is one of those segments that underwent a drastic change after global digital penetration.

Earlier putting up advertisements or implementing strategic marketing was only limited to big brands. Small business pretty much depended only on word to word or small marketing initiatives to grow their business. However, digital technology has changed the way every business can do marketing.

Today, the rise of websites, social media, Google, smart TVs& e-commerce giants like have opened up new avenues for small & medium businesses to advertise and market their products & services.

So does your small or medium business need digital marketing to grow your brand?

Spoiler Alert: YES !!!

Let’s understand why every business today, modern or traditional needs digital marketing to grow their sales & build their brand value.

Brand Awareness

Long gone are the days when you would open up a business and people will start coming in only by seeing your signboard or through references. With the advent of digital technology, people now prefer brands they discover through digital platforms and prefer to shop from them.

Your brands must leave a impacting the digital space.

Cost Effective

Digital marketing is comparatively a low-cost marketing method. Imagine if you were to advertise your brand on local TV channels or a newspaper or even on a Bill Board in a busy street square,you would need to spend a fortune to acquire that space to promote your brand. Even if you did, it is very tough on getting much return on your investment.

However, digital marketing is cheap. You can reach your right target audience at the right time and at the right platform with the least allocated budget. Digital marketing, if done correctly, can result in a massive return on investment and create a good demand for your products.

Different platforms have different pricing structures and have offer various advantages.

Global Reach

Digital marketing empowers your brand to go global with minimal efforts. Any brand based out of any part of the world can reach another part with their products or services. There are no limitations to this. You can advertise your service or product to anyone around the globe and gain new international customers to do business with.

Performance Tracking

Unlike traditional marketing methods, all forms of digital marketing platforms have inbuilt performance tracking mechanisms. Be it Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Amazon marketing, every channel gives a clear performance report on how your marketing budget was spent and what was your return on investment(ROI) from it.

This gives you a clear picture of how your brand is perceived by your audience and in what way you can improve your ROI in the next campaign. You can use this feedback to further refine your service or product campaigning to fetch better results.

Multiple Touch-points

Digital marketing allows you to create multiple touch-points for the same customer in order to persuade him to take a decision. You can reach the same customer on Google, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube and on his favorite website so that your brand stays on top of his mind.

This allows businesses to push their audiences to the next step in the sales funnel allowing for more conversions.

The power of Re-targeting

Have you been there, when you casually stalked a product on a website and then kept getting ads for that product on your social media handles, an email in your account and finally a discount code ad on some other website that lured you into buying that product.

This is called re-targeting. You can target customers that have shown some interest in your or your competitors’ product on your website or social media and target them with ads that will encourage them to buy your product or service.

Mostly this works by giving them an incentive to buy immediately like an exclusive limited time discount coupon code.

Audience Segmentation or demographics

Digital Marketing allows you to segment your target audience on a fine granular level so that you can create specific narratives for specific groups of people. The broadest being gender-based ads or age groups, profession, geography, hobbies, interests and more.

This enables you to craft the perfect ad creative for the perfect person. This improves your ad appeal and increases the chances of him taking the next step in the sales cycle.

Robust Feedback mean more business

The younger generation or Gen-Z now believes in more transparency. They like to research about any brand and ask their social peers for reviews before they make a purchase. If you run a business and your customers leave more negative reviews, it’s damaging your brand.

You must encourage your clients to leave maximum feedbacks (good ones, of course) on all the channels that that matter to you including Amazon, Google page, Facebook, Instagram and more.


Digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape and ad platforms keep on changing their algorithms each day to avoid saturation and dominance. This is why it can be risky if you do not do it correctly. Many brands try to run digital marketing on their own and end up frustrated because they couldn’t get good results.

To take full advantage of digital marketing you can go with some of the best digital marketing agencies in Pune, India ‘The Tiny Monkey’.

They have a professionally trained team that continually studies the latest trends, monitors algorithm changes and consults brands with the best cost-effective digital marketing strategy that suits their industry.

To conclude, if you are still not having a digital marketing strategy in place for your business, you are already losing out on a lot of new business.

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