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Why does your business need a website in 2022?

Why does your business need a website in 2023?

Why does your business need a website in 2022?

In the modern technologically driven world, the importance of a website for Business cannot be stressed enough. Regardless of your industry, to be successful in bringing in new business leads, sales & ultimately revenue, your website is your starting point.

However, some business owners still don’t realize the fact that a majority of their new age young customers will first visit their website even before making an enquiry with you. If your website is up and running, easy to search for and simple to navigate then they will move ahead and choose to place a call or email with you.

Today, having a strong online presence is tremendously important for any type of business. Especially a good website, can make or break the game for generating more revenue for any business.

We’ve helped numerous B2B &B2C organizations in creating their stunning websites which have strongly contributed in increasing their revenue Y-o-Y.

If you’re yet not convinced on why your business should get a website, let’s take a look at these 4 Key Reasons any business needs a website in 2023 & ahead.!

Establish Credibility

The first and the foremost reason is establishing credibility with your prospective clients. Now-a-days anyone who wants to do business with you will search for your buisiness online. The first thing they do is check your website.

If it’s not there, they are turned off and a majority of the prospects will leave and start finding someone else with a website. Remember your website represents your business to world. It is like your sales office that works 24×7 in the public domain.

The prospects develop a sense of trust when they see that you have the efforts to publish all the necessary information on the web. This instantly makes you credible to do business with.

Create an effective Brand Identity

Know that your website is built only for the people who already don’t know you & your business. They are looking for a service or product that you are offering. If they do not know your business, they will want to know everything they can before they take the first step.

If your business has a great looking professional website, they will instantly feel good about your brand. Your website will clearly convey your services, your organization history, existing clients, stake holders and more.

This builds up your brand identity in front of them and makes it more easy for them to proceed doing business with you.

Generate New Business

As we said, a website is like a 24×7 global sales office for your business. A great website is the one that automatically generates leads for your business. With the correct ‘Search Engine Optimization’ or SEO in place your website will rank on the first page for any requirement that a potential customer is searching for on Google similar to what you sell.

This makes sure your business generates fresh leads from time to time.

Automate basic customer assistance

Most of the small businesses usually get customer calls only to ask for exact location or working hours. You can update all of this basic information on your website so that potential clients always know the exact details before they call you up.

Many businesses even deploy automated chat bots on their websites to assist customers with first level product support so their executives can focus on the more complex problems.

Publish latest news and business updates

Your website is the most ideal place for you to publish news or update customers about any sales or discount offers. Your website works 24×7 to pass this information to your users or potential clients.

Do Business Globally

A website is not restricted with geographical boundaries. With the right techniques your website can rank across different countries around the world for anything that matches to your services or products. This helps generate business in places that otherwise would have taken a lot of resources and time to develop through other methods.

Integrate e-commerce

E-commerce is not new to anyone of us. Gradually, most of the consumers are shifting towards online shopping from groceries to gadgets. An e-commerce store is literally your entire shop on the web. People can browse, save, shop and get their products delivered at their homes all through your website.

This gives you an opportunity to sell your products across the world with virtually no limitations.

Leverage Digital Marketing

If you have a good website in place, you can implement digital marketing strategies & use to your maximum advantage. You can target specific audiences with your ads which can help you to place your brand in front of them.

There are numerous options of advertisements for businesses specifically with websites like re-targeting, abandoned cart reminder and so on. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your business growth.


If your business still does not have a website, make sure you get it at the earliest, so you are not losing out on your business anymore.

We at The Tiny Monkey help businesses build perfect business websites according to their need with the latest technology. You can reach out to us to get a quotation for building your business website, today!!

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